Wedding DJ or Pub DJ?

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What type of DJ is right for you?

Great, you are having a wedding and you want a fun night of dancing to celebrate!  You could easily ask the DJ at your local club or bar to play music for your reception – or should you look for a Wedding DJ?

Even though a DJ playing at a club or pub may be able to play music you should really consider the information below before you make your decision.

Both pub DJs and Wedding DJs are experts in their music expertise, entertaining at a bar or club vs. at a wedding reception requires very different set of skills.  It’s rare to find a DJ qualified to do both.

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A club or pub DJ is there only to play music and usually one or two styles of music. He plays whatever the owner has asked him to play for the owner’s idea of what kind of crowd they want to frequent the club/pub. He is usually very good at playing that one or two types.  Nowadays, the typical kind of music played in a club/bar tends to be Electronic, Rock, top40 and R&B. While this genre of music may be your favorite kind of music, not everyone on your guest list at your wedding will respond to this type of music in a positive way. When you are planning a wedding reception, you will have a diverse group of family and friends who will attend. Consider the fact that you want all of your guests to have a great time and not just a small group of them.

An experienced Wedding DJ is a more versatile DJ and will have a good knowledge of all genres of music including Top 40, Hip Hop, Oldies, 80s, 90s, Country, Rock n Roll, Latin and more, as well as both fast and slow music from the most recently released to the top hits from yesteryear.

DJ ScottieAdditionally a Good Wedding DJ will have the ability to get on the microphone and interact with your Friends and Family to make it much more than just a dance.  His or Her Job will be to bring your entire group (both families) together during the evening.  Your DJ Wedding DJ should be able to have fun with your guests, and being fluent on the microphone will definitely facilitate this need.

An experienced wedding DJ will also communicate with the venue, MC  and work in conjunction with the bride and groom, their parents, photographers, planners, etc. to ensure your reception runs smoothly. The art of easily managing any situation that comes up at any time without stress or visible frustration is of utmost importance.

Your Wedding is important enough to have an expert Wedding DJ in charge of all of music, and flow of the night, Leave the bar DJ at the Club.


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Often sought out by wedding industry leaders across North America for presentations and advice, Scott Christie Specializes in Wedding and Corporate Entertainment. Scott started as a DJ with Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment in 1989, and today is the Owner of Vancouver’s top Wedding and Company Mobile DJ Service. His personal experience at over 1000 weddings and production of over 10,000 weddings makes him one of the most experienced in the business of making people dance.