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Sometimes standing out from the norm is a good thing!  When it comes to your wedding, creating some unique moments will anchor your guest’s memory to all of the fun they experienced at your wedding and reception. Something unique will always draw attention and if done in the right way this will leave that ever lasting impression that you want your guests to experience.

jenga blocksFun Tip:  My very new wife and I recently had our wedding ceremony and reception (February 14th 2014). We love playing board and table games, so to incorporate this theme into our wedding we put out a large bowl of new Jenga Blocks at our reception. Instead of having our guests sign a guest book, we asked them to all sign one or 2 blocks with their well wishes or words of wisdom for us. At home this bowl is out on our table, and we have had many fun games of Jenga since returning from our honeymoon, and reading the blocks of great well wishes from all of our friends and family has been priceless.

Now don’t get carried away, usually too much of a good thing can start to become a bit of a distraction.. For example If you LOVE the colour pink, it’s understandable that you incorporate that colour into your wedding, however you would not want to colour EVERYTHING pink, would you? You are starting to understand what I’m saying now – aren’t you?

With this in mind I often recommended that our Wedding couples find 3 or 4 things to do at their wedding that will really stand out, and let their guests know a little about their personality. If you are fun couple why not have some interactive games with your guests during the reception? If you love books or travel name the tables with names of great books, or exotic places you have traveled (or want to travel). Remember, no matter what your personality is, make sure it comes out at your reception, but just like seasoning, make sure you add only enough!


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