Questions to ask your DJ

7 Questions you need to ask your Wedding DJ

Many people considering pricing as one of the most important things when deciding on who to hire to DJ their event.  Even though price is Important,  it is also important to know what you are going to get for that price.  We have heard from many people over our several decades of being Vancouver’s top Mobile Party DJ Service that when they hired a DJ by price alone they were sorry after the event.  If you want your party to be successful, and we know you do, please take the time to consider these important questions to ask your DJ before you decide on who you will hire to entertain your guests at your upcoming event.


  • 1. Will your event be subcontracted out to another DJ?

    Believe it or not, this happens often.  Some DJ companies with a flashy website and great marketing will book a lot of events and then farm them out to a lower price and less experienced DJ to work at the event. *By Contracting with Garry Robertson DJ Ent. You will always be working with an employee of our company, not a subcontractor.  By having our staff DJs adhere to our high standards and mandatory completion of our industry leading DJ University Program, we proudly maintain very high standards that ensure that we deliver what we promise at your event.

  • 2. What kind of music will your DJ play?

    Input from you is important to give your DJ a good understanding of the types of music that should be played during your event.  A quality DJ will allow you to create a Must Play and a Do Not Play List for your event.  However it’s equally important that your DJ understands the kind of event you are putting on.  If you are hoisting a wedding reception, and you hire a club or bar DJ your guests will most likely be subjected to a club or bar vibe and unedited music all night long – This may be great for those that go clubbing, however guests that do not will most likely want to leave your reception early.

  • 3. Will your DJ take and play your guests requests?

    Many DJs will create a pre-determined playlist of music for the event that leaves very little room to change and adapt the music to suit the party’s needs.  This is more common with Mix DJs that have their sets already preset so that they can create their mixes.  Party DJs will work with guests all night to ensure that the right music for the party is being played.  With the largest music library in the industry, your Garry Robertson DJ will be happy to take and play your guests requests all night long.

  • 4. What will your DJ wear?

    Can you imagine a DJ showing up to a formal event in jeans and a t shirt?  This is something that might fall under “I didn’t even think I had to address that” after your event… however please consider finding out before your party.  Unfortunately many DJs think it’s cool or trendy to dress down for parties, even weddings.  At Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment we will always be dressed appropriate for your event. Usually in dress pants and a button down shirt, or a suit.

  • 5. Where does your DJ get their music?

    Many people forget to ask their DJ this question mainly because it seems to be a non-issue.  However if your DJ is downloading music from the internet there are some major concerns:  Quality of the music from YouTube and other free sites is way below industry standards, and will sound flat and unimpressive at your event.  Downloaded Music will most likely be unedited and contain lyrics that may be very offensive to your guests.  In Canada it is REQUIRED by law, any DJ performing at any event must be playing Licensed and legally purchased music.  Since the 70s, Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment has been purchasing the highest quality ALVA licensed and edited music for our events.

  • 6. Does your DJ have a proven track record?

    An impressive track record is the best way to avoid finding out at your event that the DJ you hired does not know what to do, or cannot deliver what you had hoped for.  It cannot be stressed enough to thoroughly check out their references and past reviews.   Please take a few moments to read our REVIEWS HERE.

  • 7. Will there be a written contract and guarantee of the DJ services?

    By having a written contract and guarantee of all of the services promised and requested you can feel confident that your needs will be met.  This along with ensuring the reputation of the DJ Company that you have hired is impeccable will ensure that your party will happen just the way you have dreamed it would.  Yes, of course, Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment will send you our contract, and service guarantee.

Additionally it is important to ensure that your DJ has these covered as well:

  • Labiality Insurance

    Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment has a 2 Million in Labiality Insurance policy in place to protect you.

  • WCB Coverage

    Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment employees are all covered by WorkSafeBC. **If you have a DJ at your party and he or she gets hurt, even lifting their own equipment and they do not have WorkSafeBC coverage they can successfully come after you for compensation for the injury and lost wages as a result of their injury – Even if it’s no fault of yours!  WCB Coverage is something that over 90%  of Vancouver DJs do not have! You can be assured that we DO have this covered.

  • Back up staff and equipment

    What happens if the DJ you hire gets sick? or his speaker blows part way through your event? When you have a Garry Robertson DJ Entertainer hired for your party we have a back up DJs on call, with extra equipment ready to go. In the unlikely situation that something happens to your DJ, or equipment, we will have it or them replaced. in over 37 years, and at over 15,000 events we have NEVER missed a party! 🙂